How We Got Here

Wedding Guest Book Co About Me

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our wedding guest books has something special to treasure forever + is getting a one of a kind item worthy of any bride.

Before I created The Wedding Guest Book Co, I had made the decision to follow my dream + move to Tasmania + work for myself.

Then one day at work – the old job – a designer + laser operator at a CNC workshop – it happened. A friend came in + asked if I could make a wedding guest book for his brother as he wanted something special for his brother + future sister in-law.

Before starting The Wedding Guest Book Co I was concerned that there would have to be something like this out there already.

But then I did some research found a gap. I needed to create a guest book that was unique but also had some class + style about it. This way it would suit any bride from a boho wedding through to a traditional wedding.

So I made the decision + I set out to create the most high-end wooden wedding guest book for the most stunning bride in the world.

As it turned out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Quality timber was hard to come by + to get the same timber supplied in bulk amounts without major variances… Whoa…  let’s not go there.  Oh, + before that, to actually work out what type of wood would be most unique, stand out in a crowd + last a lifetime.

I worked out very quick that I had to use Tasmanian timber because of its uniqueness + rarity around the world. Come on… I’m now living in Tasmania. How fortunate am I to have the most beautiful timber right here on my doorstep! Finding a supplier proved to be challenging as my biggest fault is being a perfectionist. I wasn’t going to do this unless I had consistency with the quality of the material I was working with. But, after physically viewing the stock + researching the mill that it came from – eco sourced – I’d made my decision. #winning

My biggest fear was that people may not appreciate the search for perfectionism that I went through when coming up with my design or that no one would see the beauty that I see in Tasmanian timber.

Through it all, we released our first products + the response was epic!  It has been pure gratitude from everyone that has purchased. The beautiful photos + messages that I received from – what I like to call – ‘my brides’ is what makes my days so special.

I feel ever so grateful to now be living my dream.

Cara (and my A-one helper, Juan) xx